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UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

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Free initial session

I offer an introductory session free of charge. We can meet and you are welcome to ask any questions and describe what you might like to get from therapy. It is an opportunity to explore whether this type of therapy would suit you without making any commitment and whether you would feel comfortable working with me. We would also look at boundary issues - whether there are any reasons why we can’t work together. At this point I will give you a copy of the therapy agreement that clarifies aspects of confidentiality and our joint commitment to the work.

What is psychotherapy for?

People come to psychotherapy for many different reasons. There may be a specific personal difficulty, a crisis, an ending, relationship problems or more subtle issues. You may feel blocked, have a sense of unease or unhappiness, or that life is not as you want it to be, or have a vague feeling that something needs to change. You may just have a longing to explore your spirituality or way of being in the world. People use therapy to adjust their focus from their busy lives in the external world and give their internal world some attention, to slow down and listen to themselves. It may be that you want to create space for your personal development. You do not have to have a diagnosed psychological problem or an emotional difficulty – but you might have.

Core Process Psychotherapy

One of the underpinning principles of Core Process Psychotherapy is that awareness, in itself, is healing. By bringing awareness to things as they are and naming them without judgement allows something to change. The intention is to enquire deeply and to see more clearly how we relate to our experience and suffering, and to sense how we may make fresh responses at any moment.

Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) is a contemplative approach to psychotherapy. It draws from Western psychological theories and from Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness practice. It is a gentle, compassionate therapy, working at a pace set by the client.

The ‘Core’ is our true potential, the inherent, healthy life energy. This can be obscured by habitual patterns and blocks, which may have developed for our protection as we have adapted to life. I aim to work within a compassionate framework to bring awareness to these patterns, how they restrict your life and choices in the present. We will build on the resources that support you in your exploration and rediscovery of your own inner wisdom.

What can I expect?

After our initial meeting, I usually suggest you take time to think things over and perhaps meet with some other therapists, if you want to. Then if you wish to go ahead, we would work together for 6 sessions and review how it was going before entering into a more long-term commitment.

Core Process work is usually medium to long term, we work with the more subtle aspects of being human to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves so that the opportunity for transformation may occur. It takes time to deepen into the work. However, short-term work can sometimes be very helpful.

I aim to offer an environment that is warm, respectful, and non-judgmental, which welcomes you and the issues that you bring – whatever they may be.

Sessions are weekly and last for a full hour. They are also in the same room and usually at the same time every week.

Ethical framework

I have full professional indemnity insurance. I abide by the Karuna Code of Ethics, and all psychotherapy is conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of the Institute and the UKCP.









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